Hi, I’m Stacey. Founder of Profile Careers – a specialist coaching company committed to helping you transform your professional career and consulting business. I’m a professional coach to existing and aspiring consultants and experienced entrepreneur.

Stacey’s professional bio

I work with high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs, like you, who want to launch or grow their consulting business. My clients have niche expertise and come from a variety of professional services backgrounds, including law, HR, business consulting, accounting and finance.

You’re experienced and successful in your specialist field. The only problem is, you’re dreading Mondays and feeling trapped in your corporate career. You dream of stepping out of the corporate world and using your expertise to start your own consulting business.

But there’s a lot at risk. You have no idea if it’s financially viable – or how to get started.

OR, you’re an independent consultant or early stage entrepreneur new to consulting. You feel stuck in a business model you hate, are working longer hours than ever or are struggling to find clients and make money.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m here to help you change things so you have the business you desire.


I’m a professional coach who helps new and aspiring business owners build a consulting business they love – one that supports their ideal lifestyle. My clients say I’m practical, strategic, direct and not afraid to ‘tell it like it is’. And also inspiring and encouraging.

What does this mean for you? Together, we’ll work through a structured, tried and tested process to eliminate risk, take the fear out of your transition or reach your business goals.

I’ll support you to stay on track if you want to quit. And I will help you stay accountable to consistent action steps to get you closer to your goals – at a faster rate than doing it alone. We’ll also create a personalised strategy plan with clear implementation steps to show you how to get there.

Whether you want to launch – or grow – your consulting business doing the work you’re passionate about, know where to focus your time, or finally start hitting the revenue goals needed to build your desired lifestyle, I can help.


I understand what it takes to succeed in the corporate world. I’ve worked for global organisations in Australia and the UK and have ten years’ consulting experience in HR, recruitment, sales and business development.

I’m also an experienced business owner who has been where you are – and supported many entrepreneurs in the same situation.

In 2013, I left my corporate job to launch a successful multi 6-figure consulting business. And I replaced my corporate salary within the first few months. Over 6 years – through plenty of trial and error – I’ve learnt how to effectively market and grow two service-based businesses.

Why work with me? Through this process, I’ve discovered how to create a business doing meaningful work you love – one that also supports your dream lifestyle.

And my results speak for themselves. My clients have gone on to launch businesses, overcome fear and self-doubt, introduce more efficient ways of working, and adapt their existing businesses to suit their passions, purpose and ideal lifestyle.


As a child, I could never settle on the one thing I wanted to do when I grew up. But one fact was clear: I knew I wanted to have my own business one day.

My dad inspired me – he achieved amazing success as a business owner. Over many years, I witnessed the hard work and sacrifice. But I was drawn to the freedom of being my own boss, having control over my own decisions and the financial possibilities drew me in. Although it took many more years to work out what type of business, the desire and goal was there from a very early age.

My corporate career

I started out in the corporate world working in advertising sales, for a London based publishing company. On my return to Australia, I joined a global consulting firm as a corporate recruiter. Sales came pretty naturally to me and I couldn’t believe I got paid to talk to people all day!

Over five and a half years, I grew my division into one of the highest performing businesses in the region. I achieved record sales results over consecutive years, multiple promotions and financial success.

“But my life became all about work.”

I was driving myself to achieve the next sales target, financial result or promotion, constantly stressed and eventually hit the point of burn-out. In the end, I became completely disillusioned with the corporate world – I was over the KPIs and targets and needed a break.

The dream of starting my own business had also never disappeared. Tired of working for someone else, I was ready to go out on my own and reap the benefits of all my hard work.

Starting my business

I took a 6-month break with the goal of starting my own recruitment consulting business. Being extremely risk averse, I took the time to do my due diligence. Once I knew my venture was financially viable, I went for it!

“Starting a business is one of the most terrifying steps I’ve ever taken, but also the most rewarding. I made so many mistakes in the early years, was petrified of failing and constantly second guessed my decision to leave a steady, well-paid corporate job!”

But I knew this was the path I needed to follow. It was tough and took plenty of hard work, determination and a continual investment in my development. Through self-education, I taught myself everything I needed to know to establish and grow a successful consulting business.

In the end, I broke even in the first two months and replaced my 6-figure corporate salary shortly thereafter. I achieved success beyond my wildest expectations and remain extremely proud of what I created.

Still, the journey wasn’t always easy.

In addition to doing the work, I was now also working on the business. Working longer hours than I ever had in the corporate world, surviving on very little sleep, trying to do everything myself.

I started my business because I wanted more freedom and balance — yet I had none. 

I was struggling with stress, burnout, anxiety and the desire for perfection running my own business – just as I had in my corporate career.

The moment it all changed…

After a decade in recruitment and five years running my business, I felt like something was missing. I was dreading going back to work on Monday and struggled finding the motivation to get up for work each day.

As an ambitious, high-achiever this was unusual. I knew I needed more than just a break.

For the first time ever, I stopped to contemplate what I wanted. And I realised – although I loved being my own boss and was making great money, I didn’t enjoy the work.

In that moment, I knew I had to find something more meaningful and fulfilling.

I also recognised the pattern of working myself into burn-out and decided I didn’t want to live with it anymore. This ultimately led to me overhauling my lifestyle and changing my business model.


It was around this time that I found coaching, and what I wanted to do in my professional career and business:

“Work that that I was passionate about, that had a positive impact on people’s lives, and made a real difference in the world.”

After months of exploration, I decided to retrain as a professional coach and launched my career coaching practice in March 2018.

Over time, I started attracting clients who were following the path I had – employed professionals wanting to launch their own consulting businesses and new entrepreneurs needing help to build a purposeful and profitable business.

Where I am now

Today, I’m a professional coach to new and aspiring consultants. I assist them to launch their own consultancy or grow a consulting business they love, that supports their dream lifestyle.

Taking the tried and tested methods I used successfully in my career and business, I support others in similar situations. I designed a structured process to help aspiring business owners eliminate risk and take the fear out of their moves. And, guide early stage entrepreneurs to grow and scale their existing consulting businesses.

My approach is highly strategic and the systems used in my coaching programs build clarity, confidence, and guarantee results. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learnt from my own journey to success to help you achieve the same!

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