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People pleaser? How to say no with clarity and confidence

Recently, a client shared how they were struggling to complete a project. The reason? Diving deeper, we discovered the work didn’t energise or interest them. My client had agreed to collaborate on the project as a favour to the other person. But it wasn’t work they...

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How to clarify your values and achieve career success

Recently, I got to thinking. How lucky am I to run my own business? I have the freedom to set my own hours and take time off when I want. You see, freedom is an important personal value of mine. Ever since I was very young, I’ve wanted the freedom of having my own...

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Over-achiever? How to balance ambition with ‘being perfect’

‘What’s your weakness?’. ‘I’m a perfectionist!’. I remember preparing for the ‘strengths and weaknesses’ question in one of my first job interviews. Research told me to mention a ‘positive’ weakness or turn my weakness into a positive: “This means I have extremely...

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7 sure-fire signs it’s time to change careers

Picture this... You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in your career. You’re talented and successful at what you do. Your work is financially rewarding and you love your clients. Then one day you wake up and something’s shifted. You’re not passionate about your...

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How to reduce career change risk in 6 simple steps

Do you dream of changing careers or starting a business, but have a lot at risk? You're anxious about leaving a secure income. Or, you have big financial and other life commitments and time out is hard. It’s wise to consider your financial responsibilities, minimise...

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How to know if career coaching is right for you

The world of work is changing. Disruption to every industry is impacting the way we work and the jobs we require. Our careers are continually evolving, with multiple career changes expected in an individual’s working lifetime. Last year I changed careers,...

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