Find the work you were born to do, transform your career or build a thriving business.


  • Want to step out of the corporate world and use your expertise to start your own consulting business – you’ve just got no idea how to get started.
  • Know what business or new career idea you want to pursue – but you’re unsure if it’s realistic or financially viable.
  • Have got too many possible business or career ideas and need to narrow it down – you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start!

You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your career, so we understand there’s a lot at stake.

We understand the idea of leaving a familiar, comfortable career is overwhelming and terrifying. It may even seem downright impossible right now. Whether you want to move out of the corporate world to start your own consultancy, change careers or develop your existing one, we’re here to help.

Career coaching is for you, if you’re:

  • Ambitious, successful and want to make transformative changes in your professional life.
  • Willing to be challenged and are motivated by goal setting, targets and a practical, direct coaching style.
  • Invested in the coaching process and committed to taking action and doing the work required to get results.
  • Wanting strategic guidance from an experienced coach who has been where you are and supported hundreds of professionals in their careers.
  • Seeking accountability and support to make permanent, life-changing shifts in a shorter timeframe.
  • After a structured, step by step process to build clarity, confidence and de-risk your transition.

Your current situation

You’re likely experiencing one of common challenges outlined below, faced by many of our clients. Ambitious and at the top of your game, you’re driven to find challenging and fulfilling work, or to start your own consulting business. However, your fears and belief systems keep holding you back from following your dreams. Or you’re miserable, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed and can’t seem to move forward from your current situation.

1. You’re unhappy in your career and want to make a change

  • You’re dissatisfied in your current career or work environment, have lost the passion for your work or feel stuck in a career that no longer fits.
  • You have no balance or not enough time with family, are dreading Monday and living for the weekend.
  • You’ve changed roles within your existing industry but moving jobs hasn’t fixed it.
  • You want to do work that makes a difference to the world and know you’re capable of so much more.

The solution

Firstly, we’ll help you get clear on your purpose, values and vision for your life and career. Next, we’ll strategically explore different career options. Finally, we’ll set your career goals and establish an action plan to reach them.

2. You’ve got no idea what you want to do next. You:

  • Feel really stuck, uncertain about the future, or unsure what to do next. This might be creating anxiety, stress and unhappiness, impacting your confidence or mental health.
  • Want to start a business or change careers but have no idea what type of business to start or which career to pursue.
  • Need clarity on what you want from your career, business or life in general.

The solution

Our career coaching programs will clarify what’s important in your personal and professional life. This will allow you to set well-defined career or business goals. Together, we’ll create a strategic career plan tailored to your needs. Next, we’ll work through a structured process to get you to your goals step by step. Finally, accountability and support are in place to keep you on track.

3. You’ve got no time

  • You want to make a change but feel you’ve had no time to consider what you want.
  • You’re extremely time poor and have no idea where you’ll find the time to start a new business.
  • You’ve been thinking about leaving the corporate world or making a change in your career for a while. Another year has gone by, you’re stuck in a job you hate and you fear your time is running out.

The solution

Life’s too short to stay stuck in a career that doesn’t fit! By dedicating a small amount of time every other week, we’ll start moving you towards your goals sooner, to guarantee you make the changes you want in as little as a few months.

4. You’ve got big financial and other life commitments. You:

  • Dream of starting your own business or a new career, but there’s a lot at risk. You’re anxious about throwing away the time, money and energy you’ve already put into your current career.
  • Agonise about leaving a secure income, or have financial commitments and time out is hard.
  • Worry about how others will judge you for walking away from the successful corporate career and life that you’ve built.
  • Need help overcoming fears, limiting beliefs or established thought and behavioural patterns that are holding you back – fear of failure, lack of self-belief, confidence issues or money worries.

The solution

Don’t put off starting your business or new career because it all seems impossible or too hard. Firstly, we’ll get clear on what you want and will work on any limiting beliefs. Secondly, using our structured process, you’ll then explore and test ideas before taking the leap. Thirdly, your strategic action plan will consider practicalities such as how you’ll finance your transition. This alleviates fears, gives you the confidence to act and will de-risk your move.


From our Founder, Stacey Back

“I understand what it takes to succeed in the corporate world. The expectations on you as an employee. The challenges related to managing and developing your career – chasing that next client, sale, target, raise or promotion. And the constant struggle to balance your personal life with work. I’ve moved from corporate to start my own successful consultancy and have changed careers twice, so I truly relate to my clients. I support them by sharing the tried and tested methods I’ve used myself and with other professionals over many years.”

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From our Founder, Stacey Back

“I understand what it takes to succeed in the corporate world. The expectations on you as an employee. The challenges related to managing and developing your career – chasing that next client, sale, target, raise or promotion. And the constant struggle to balance your personal life with work. I’ve moved from corporate to start my own successful consultancy and have changed careers twice, so I truly relate to my clients, can share my knowledge and support them with tried and tested methods I’ve used myself and with others over many years.”

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“I was able to secure an employment offer in a new sector where the employer saw the value in my skill set and how it applied to their business.”

Tori, Lawyer – Perth

Who we work with

Stacey works with ambitious and successful professionals, executives and consultants with niche expertise. Her clients are well-established in their industries and come from a variety of professional services backgrounds including consulting, law, accounting, finance and HR. They’re seeking meaningful work that they love, better balance or to become their own boss – by setting up as an independent consultant, changing careers or starting a business.

Stacey’s clients value education and self-development. They’re committed to investing time, money and effort into the coaching process. And ready to make major changes that positively impact both their personal and professional lives.

How we’ll work together

Developed by founder Stacey Back, our Career Clarity process draws on the experience of starting her own business, navigating two career changes and her own personal struggle to find meaningful work. Taking the methods successfully used in her own career and in supporting other professionals for over a decade, Stacey designed a structured process to help other professionals develop and navigate their own careers.

Stacey provides 1:1 career coaching programs and works directly with her clients over a minimum of 4-6 month period. Coaching programs are tailored to suit your individual needs, whether you’re taking your expertise to set up your own consultancy or starting a brand new career or business.

Her unique career strategy starts by establishing specific, measurable goals for the coaching program, before working through a structured process to achieve the results you want.


Part 1: Define

Define who you are and what you want. Understand your purpose, core values and inner self that shape your beliefs, choices and who you authentically are. Clarify what you want from your personal and professional life and create a clear vision for your ideal life for the next 5 years.

Part 2: Explore

Explore your career or business ideas. Explore, refine, test and evaluate your ideas to reduce risk and ensure any move is financially viable. Understand and overcome any mindset blocks, fears or limiting beliefs holding you back. Develop a career roadmap outlining your work motivators, priorities and key criteria for your ideal career or business.

Part 3: Create

Create and implement your personal strategy plan. Create a compelling career or business vision to help you formulate next steps and stay on track with your goals. Support with negotiation strategy, interview preparation or creation of initial business documents. Review goals for the program and establish next steps.

“You come out the other end realising what needs to be done in order to achieve what you desire from your personal and professional life.”

Erica, Business Owner

In just a few months you will:

  • Understand who you are as a professional and what matters to you at work, ensuring your career fits your purpose, lifestyle, personal and professional goals.
  • Clarify your purpose and core values to guide future career decisions.
  • Create a compelling vision for your ideal life and a business or career roadmap outlining your key work priorities.
    Identify a business or career idea to progress with.
  • Recognise and overcome limiting beliefs, fears and overwhelm to create new belief systems, build confidence and permanently transform your career and life.
  • Develop a personal career strategy plan with clear implementation steps to reduce risk, uncertainty and achieve the career goals you desire.
  • Formulate a clear exit strategy from your current role and will have clarity on finances, including how you’ll fund your business start-up or career transition.
  • Have a quality CV, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile to support your job search or growth of your new business.
  • Establish a clear job search strategy or begin making initial business sales with target clients.
  • Develop your negotiation skills, with support and guidance to negotiate an attractive job offer, exit strategy or more favourable terms with your current employer.
  • Have complete clarity on what you want from your career and how to get it.

Coaching Methodology

Our programs use a transformational coaching strategy based on the Co-Active coaching model. Stacey uses a range of coaching tools and powerful, thought provoking questions to dive deeper into who you authentically are and what you truly want. You’ll start to understand yourself, what’s important and will find the answers that are right for you. This is backed up with consistent action and accountability to create permanent transformation. The model also considers the whole person – when coaching you on issues related to your professional career, we also look at their impact on your personal life.

Your Investment

Our career coaching programs are not for everyone. Coaching requires serious commitment and an investment in time and energy. Hard work and regular action are required to accomplish the goals you desire. You will be challenged and at times pushed outside your comfort zone, but the results will be life-changing.

Stacey offers a limited number of 1:1 coaching spots throughout the year. If you’re committed and ready to take action, please get in touch to arrange an initial career strategy consultation.

If both parties then decide to work together, she’ll ask for a minimum commitment period of 4 months to achieve permanent, transformative changes. Coaching programs are tailored to the individual.

You’ll meet on a regular fortnightly basis for the duration of your coaching program. Sessions will take place in our consulting rooms in the Perth CBD, or remotely via Zoom.


“Stacey is an inspiring coach who is truly invested in helping you to reach
your goals.”

Amanda, Leadership Development Consultant



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