Unlock more purpose, get unstuck and start creating fulfillment in your career — and life!

You’re a high-achiever, who’s worked hard to get where you are in your career. The only problem is, you lack purpose and feel stuck at a career crossroads. You’re ready to get unstuck, feel excited to go to work each day — and begin living a life with no regrets.

Together, we’ll take you from unsatisfied to unlocking more purpose so you can start creating a fulfilling career — and life, fast!

1 month to fulfillment

This brand new, one month career accelerator is the perfect first step to get unstuck and start finding purpose in your work. It’s designed to help you rapidly unlock your unique career blueprint, clarify what’s important and make the right career decisions.


1. Stuck at crossroads in your career and needing clarity?

  • Unclear on your purpose, values and strengths — and how to align these to your work?
  • Unsure about your direction or next steps so you’re stuck and struggling to move forward?

2. Frustrated and unfulfilled, despite your ‘success’?

  • Following a traditional career path or what you think you ‘should’ be doing — not what you really want?
  • Lacking a clear purpose beyond making money and external success?
  • Feeling empty, unfulfilled and asking yourself — is this all there is?

3. Unhappy in your career and ready to make a change?

  • Dreading Monday and living for the weekend?
  • Miserable in your current career — and finding it’s starting to impact the rest of your life?
  • Terrified if you don’t make a change now, you’ll look back on your life with regret?

You spend a third of your life at work and your career has a big impact on your quality of life. Go from stuck and frustrated to completely fulfilled in your career and life, fast.


  • Clarifying what makes you excited to get up and go to work in the morning

  • Understanding who you are as an individual and what matters to you at work, so your career fits your purpose, strengths, values, lifestyle and goals

  • Knowing your vision — exactly what you want your ideal career and life to look like

  • Learning lifelong tools to make the right career decisions, so you’re never stuck in a career you hate

  • Feeling completely fulfilled at work — and in every area of your life

  • Finally starting to love Monday’s!

“Coaching with Stacey is like unwrapping negative layers of inhibitions to discover what you want and need out of your career. She had strategies, creative ideas and helpful exercises that assisted me in discerning my personal values and purpose and forging a career path that honours these. I felt reassured about my career potential and confident about myself and my abilities.”

Linda, Legal Consultant

Light Up Your Career is a one month coaching accelerator to help you unlock more purpose, get unstuck and start creating fulfillment in your career — and life!

Here’s how it works

Initial Preparation

You’ll complete a questionnaire and short career exercise which you’ll return to me 24 hours ahead of your scheduled accelerator. This will help you reflect on your current situation and what you want next, so you start making progress before we even meet!

Your 2 hour Coaching Accelerator

We’ll come together for your initial 2 hour coaching session, where we’ll dive deep into your unique career blueprint. This will help you understand your purpose, top values, unique strengths, transferrable skills — and how to apply these to your career. Then, we’ll create a clear vision for your ideal career and life, breaking this down into specific goals and action steps which you’ll start to implement in the following month.

Post Call Support

I’ll send you through your unique career blueprint, next steps and a copy of the recording to refer back to. You’ll also receive email or voice support for the month following your session. That’s access to me for a full 30 days to ask questions and navigate any challenges as you execute your action plan.

30 minute Accountability Call

We’ll do a follow-up call at the end of the month to review your actions and progress. This final check-in is an opportunity to get further support, keep you accountable and on track to your goals.

Next Steps

‘Light Up Your Career’ is a brand new coaching accelerator available for a limited time only. I’ve opened up six coaching spots on a first come, first served basis until 31 May 2022.

Ready to secure your spot? Here’s what to do next:

1. Click the ‘Make an enquiry’ button below and I’ll get back to within 24 hours (during business hours)
2. If you’d like to discuss whether this program is the right fit for you, let me know and we can arrange a free 30 minute consult
3. You’ll receive payment details to secure your spot. Once payment is received, we’ll schedule your 2 hour Accelerator call

Book in now for the introductory price of $1697 AUD (excluding GST for Australian clients)! 


“Before coaching with Stacey, I felt dissatisfied with my career situation, frustrated and like I was floundering with little direction about where to go next. I wanted clarity on my strengths and values, to align these to my work and find direction in my career.

I had light bulb moments each and every session! I’ve got clarity on what I’m actually good at, so I’m focused on growing my strengths — and waste less time worrying about or trying to make up for my weaknesses. I feel satisfied in my work again and excited about what the future holds for me in my career!”

Manager, Consulting Firm

“Before I met Stacey, I felt a bit lost and directionless about where to start in exploring a career change. We had a ‘breakthrough’ moment in one session where she was able to help me dissect a pivotal moment in my life, work out why it was so important to me and the personal values attached to this. Before this, I wasn’t aware these values were so important to me or something I need to consider when making career decisions.” 

Victoria, Lawyer

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