Stacey Back is a professional coach and mentor to leaders and business owners in consulting and professional service-based industries. She is an insightful, inspiring speaker and passionate about sharing her knowledge on a variety of business and career-related topics.

Through her speaking, Stacey shares the successful strategies she uses in her professional coaching work. As well as unique insights from her corporate career and experience running her own coaching and consulting businesses. She is located in Perth, Australia but available to travel nationally or internationally for key-note presentations or group training workshops.

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Presentation topics include:


Insights from my career and business journey.

In this incredibly raw, honest and inspiring signature presentation, Stacey outlines the biggest lessons learnt throughout her professional journey. These lessons have shaped the way she builds her business — and lives her life.

She shares insights from her corporate career, her personal experience growing two businesses and transitioning careers. Plus, the successful strategies used in her coaching work with leaders and business owners to help them thrive professionally.

Through this signature presentation, you’ll:

  • Understand why you are striving — not thriving — in your professional life and how to break this pattern once and for all
  • Learn how to clarify your career goals, figure out what you want and establish a plan you can start to take action on
  • Discover why knowing your ‘why’ is key to achieving fulfilment and success in your career
  • Find out what holds you back from reaching your professional goals and how to overcome it
  • Learn how to build resilience and stay in action — even in the face of personal or professional set-backs


How to navigate the changing business environment.

The global pandemic has impacted the way we work, deliver our services and do business. We now have the opportunity to review what we want professionally and decide what needs to change. It’s essential to adapt to the evolving business environment and consider how to communicate our value to clients to ensure long-term business sustainability.

In this interactive presentation, Stacey shares her personal experience of growing two businesses and pivoting professionally, the strategies used in her coaching work with senior leaders and business owners and insights into how her clients and community are navigating the ‘new normal’.

There will be plenty of space to share ideas, brainstorm ways forward together and an opportunity to get all your questions answered.

This interactive presentation will help you:

  • Identify your personal priorities, what’s important to you at work and what you want professionally
  • Understand how the business landscape has shifted and the impact for consultants — now and into the future
  • Discover how to pivot, identify the opportunities and best position yourself professionally to do business in the ‘new normal’
  • Learn how to clarify your vision, business goals and establish a plan you can start to take action on


Taking ownership of your professional career.

In the modern business world, taking ownership of your individual career planning and development is vital for career success. Employers are no longer solely responsible for your career management. Career goals are considered in line with business needs and organisational benefits when making decisions on employee development. Ongoing self-assessment and management of your career is now essential, whether you’re an employed professional, independent consultant or professional services business owner.

Having clarity on your professional goals allows you to make a greater contribution, find fulfillment in your work and positively impacts your whole life. Employers benefit from more engaged employees who have clarity on what they want from their careers, increasing retention, performance and company bottom line.

This presentation will help you learn:

  • How to assess your current career situation to confirm where you want to go
  • Why getting clear on your purpose, values and who you are is the essential starting point
  • The importance of clarifying your career vision to guide career goals and decisions
  • The limiting beliefs and thoughts that hold you back from taking ownership of your career
  • How to begin to clarify your career goals, areas for development and establish a clear career plan you can start to take action on